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small GROUPS


We want you to stay connected to the heart of God. He has created us for relationship and community. Small groups allow us to connect with people with similar interests and walks of life, and at the same time, grow in our walk with Jesus. 

Coastline has several groups to stay connected. Feel free to see the choices below, select a group and get plugged into group life. 

monDAY groups

  • 1. moms

    empowering your kids faith / 9:00 am / Coastline Campus

    Leader: Jen Telles

    A mother has two primary instincts: nurturing and protecting. Women are amazing at giving their children love and physical protection. However, when it comes to the battle of ideas, it is assumed that merely being raised in a Christian environment will ensure their children’s spiritual well-being. But Jr Church and Sunday School aren’t enough. Many moms aren’t sure where to start when it comes to their children’s spiritual development. This group is designed to equip moms of any age with tools necessary to help their children understand the truth of God’s Word and be able to defend it. (There will be a small fee for this group to cover the expense of childcare.)


  • 2. interest

    photography / 6:00 PM / varies

    Leader: Cinthya Alvizo

    Our God is a creative God, and photography is a powerful medium, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words! If you have an interest in photography or maybe you want to learn a little more about photography, then check this group out! This group is for all ages and will cover the basics of photography allowing you the opportunity to connect with other likeminded individuals.

wednesDay groups

  • 3. women

    women of the Bible / 9:30 aM / Coastline Campus

    Leader: Doris Biel, Diane Jensen, Alyce Dooley

    They were ordinary people. Most would not make headlines in any other history book but God’s. Yet the women of the Old Testament made critical choices that led to extraordinary outcomes. Through faith and strong character, they rescued their families, led people out of bondage, gave birth to kings and even saved a nation. This group is for women to do a character study on various women of the Old Testament. Come enjoy fellowship and community in this ladies Bible study group.

  • 4. spanish


    Leader: Jairo & Lizzy Dominguez

    These Spanish speaking Bible study groups will be led by Coastline’s Spanish pastor, Jairo Dominguez.

  • 5. men

    back to the basics / 6:30 pM / coastline campus

    Leader: Trevor Young

    There are some truths that are foundational the Christian faith and it is in our best interest to learn and understand what they are. Christian men who possess these truths and live as though they possess them will learn godly submission, holy living, and harmony with other believers. This group will help men understand theological doctrines every Christian should know.

  • 6. general

    study of the book of john / 7 :00 PM / temecula/murrieta

    Leader: Jeremy & Susanne Stalnecker

    This study demonstrates how Jesus continually looked beyond the superficial to the real issue. He is our Good Shepherd, Messiah, and King and the Vine, who gives us life. He is our Bridegroom who wants us to share in his glory. Finally, he paid for our sins, conquered death, and gave us the privilege of continuing his mission to the world. This group will help you discover the Savior in greater way!

thursday groups

  • 7. general

    study of the book of john / 7:00 pm / COASTLINE CAMPUS

    Leaders: Jake & Janie Rebernik

    When Jesus spoke, people listened. When Jesus traveled, people followed. When Jesus arrived, hearts and lives were transformed. No other Gospel gives such extensive explanation to Jesus’ ministry as the Gospel of John. The first three Gospels describe events, but the fourth Gospel describes the significance behind those events. This lecture-based group will be an in-depth Bible study to help you discover the Savior in greater way!

  • 8. general

    the forgotten god / 7:00 pm / coastline campus

    Leaders: Ryan & Robin Gass

    In the name of the Father, the Son, and ... the Holy Spirit. We pray in the name of all three, but how often do we live with an awareness of only the first two? As Jesus ascended into heaven, He promised to send the Holy Spirit—the Helper—so that we could be true and living witnesses for Christ. Thorough scriptural support and discussion will compel us to stop and remember the One we may have forgotten, the Spirit of the living God.

  • 9. general

    financial peace university / 7:00 PM / COASTLINE CAMPUS

    Leader: Alex Ruzicka

    Financial Peace University is a nine-week program that teaches God’s way of handling money. Through financial coaching, group discussions, and interactive small group activities, Dave Ramsey’s FPU presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you’ve dreamed you could be. This plan will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and much more! Join Financial Peace University—it will radically change your life! On average, families reduce their debt by $5,300 and save $2,700 in just 90 days. Cost is $99 per family and is paid directly to FPU.

  • 10. military couples

    the marriage knot / 7:00 PM / COASTLINE CAMPUS

    Leaders: Brandon & Sarah Morgan

    The marriage "knot" can loosen over time and even completely unravel. This group will discover 7 choices to tighten the knot rooted in the truth of God’s word. Whether you are recently married or have been for years the principles in this study will strengthen your marriage. As with all of our couples’ groups, spousal attendance is not required – deployments, training exercises and other work commitments are understood.

  • 11. general

    how to share your faith / 7:00 PM / COASTLINE CAMPUS

    Leader: Pastor Steve Chappell

    You’ve felt that tug... A friend, co-worker, family member, or someone you just met is talking – and you sense that God is nudging you to say something. But what do you say? What don’t you say? How can you bring God into the conversation without shutting it down? The Holy Spirit can do amazing things through everyday conversations, and this group will help equip you to better share your faith in everyday life.

  • 12. general

    is god a moral monster /  7:00 PM / COASTLINE CAMPUS

    Leaders: Johnathan & Jennifer Telles

    Is the God of the Old Testament nothing but a moral monster? Many today--even within the church--seem to think so. How are Christians to respond to such accusations? And how are we to reconcile the seemingly disconnected natures of God portrayed in the two testaments? This group will not only provide answers but also show how both the Old and New Testament see an unchanging, righteous, and loving God.

  • ckids bible studies


    Leaders: Larry & Nicole Hernandez

    Whether you are young or old, if you follow Jesus, you are a disciple. But the quality of your discipleship isn’t measured by how well you can answer questions. Discipleship is about being transformed into the likeness of Jesus. And transformation starts in the Word. That’s why CKids Bible Studies is carefully crafted to help kids purposefully become more like Jesus every day.

    (Ages: 0 - 5th Grade)

  • elevate teens


    Leaders: JJ & Jessica Mordh

    Elevate is Coastline’s youth group (6th - 12th Grades). Elevate is designed to help middle school and high school students grow their faith, their character, and their relationships.  We’re all about creating an atmosphere where they can belong. Our Thursday night experience incorporates engaging community, inspiring messages, and hilarious games. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.

friday groups

  • 13. men

    leadership breakfast / bi-weekly, 7:00 am / varies

    Leader: Pastor Steve Chappell

    When a man follows the principles of biblical manhood, those around him benefit from his leadership and care. This group is for men who would like to spend time fellowshipping with their Pastor and other men in the church. Come enjoy breakfast, conversation, and a leadership devotional thought with Pastor Steve.

  • 14. moms

    meet ups and playdates / mornings / varies

    Leader: Amy Mariappan 

    Mothers have one of the most challenging and important jobs on earth. But it is a humble job. This group will be dedicated to helping mothers come together and connect as they spend time fellowshipping together. These meet ups are a great way to make friends and find encouragement!

  • 15. young adults

    How to Lead When You're Not in Charge

    / 7:30 pm / coastline campus

    Leaders: Michael and Ella Fernandez

    One of the greatest myths of leadership is that you must be in charge in order to lead. Great leaders don't buy it. Great leaders--whether they have the official authority or not--learn how to be an influential presence wherever they are.

saturday groups

  • 16. men

    surfing / bi-weekly, mornings / varies

    Leader: Larry Hernandez

    This group is focused on building friendships through surfing! Whether you’ve surfed your whole life or have never surfed before, it will be enjoyable to surf as a group. Bring your own surfboard and wetsuit!

  • 17. MEN

    golfing / BI-WEEKLY, mornings / VARIES

    Leader: Mike Freda

    A community for guys who love to golf. Golfers of all skill levels are welcome. Everyone will be responsible to cover their golfing fees and bring their own equipment. Come enjoy fellowship while experiencing the outdoors.

  • 18. MEN

    flag football / 3rd saturday of the month, mornings / varies

    Leader: Brandon Morgan

    Are you ready for some football?! Players of all skill levels are welcome. This group will meet up a local park in Oceanside on the 3rd Saturday of each month culminating with the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving Day. Come enjoy fellowship and competition with other guys around a game of football!

sunday groups

  • 19. ADULTS 45-65


    Leader: Gil & Rosemary Lopez

    The Bible tells of more than fifty miracles Jesus Christ performed during His earthly ministry. Is it possible that one of them can help you with something you’re struggling with today? This group will study the miracles of Jesus. The goal is to blend doctrinal insights and historical context with a strong focus on personal application.


    the miracles of jesus / 10:00 AM / COASTLINE CAMPUS

    Leader: John Telles

    The Bible tells of more than fifty miracles Jesus Christ performed during His earthly ministry. Is it possible that one of them can help you with something you’re struggling with today? This group will study the miracles of Jesus. The goal is to blend doctrinal insights and historical context with a strong focus on personal application.

  • 21. LADIES 40+


    Leader: Katrina Telles

    The Bible tells of more than fifty miracles Jesus Christ performed during His earthly ministry. Is it possible that one of them can help you with something you’re struggling with today? This group will study the miracles of Jesus. The goal is to blend doctrinal insights and historical context with a strong focus on personal application.

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a short term COMMITMENT.

Winter small groups will run from January 31 through April 8. It's a short term commitment to long term spiritual growth.