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Welcome to Time LabWe’ve been counting down the minutes, and it’s finally time to register for our Vacation Bible School for 2018! Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel back in time and witness epic events in history? Imagine the thrill of meeting great heroes of the faith like Abraham, Moses, or Gideon. Or the fun of experiencing life in ancient cultures like Rome. Or the fascination of watching famous inventors make discoveries that change the world.

  • Atomic Assembly

    Time sure will fly while we’re having funSo head this way and get ready to launch into hyperdrive as we take off for Time LabLet’s go! Everything from energetic songs to fun games, this assembly time will be no doubt rememberable. Also, at the end of each night we will hear an engaging story that will be sure to take you on a journey you will enjoy.

  • Quantum Leap Games

    Time travelers realize every nanosecond counts as they race against time and encounter fun physical challenges and games with friends!

  • Time Lab Lessons

    • Creation: Did you know the Son of God has always existed? We’ll talk about his existence before time and his activity at Creation.
    • Christophany: Big, cool word the kids will love learning that teaches the Son of God didn’t start as a babe in a manger but has been around forever, actively involved throughout history, including the Old Testament! They’ll study the biblical accounts of Abraham and Moses that show appearances of the Son of God to people before he came to earth.
    • Cross: Here’s when Jesus is actually given the name “Jesus.” And here’s where he lives, dies, and comes back to life. It’s the most epic historical account ever! Because of him, we can live forever, too! Although opportunities to present the gospel are provided every day, this is the day we’ll present the gospel in all its glory.
    • Clouds: After Jesus rose again, where did he go? He’s actively working on our behalf as he sits at the right hand of God the Father, interceding for us, protecting his Church, and preparing a place for his children! Wow!
  • Bits and Bytes Snacks

    Time travelers will enjoy having a "byte" to eat at Bits and Bytes Snacks! We have snacks that are allergy friendly as well. :)

  • Inventors Crafts

    Inventors’ Science and Crafts features electrifying science experiments to explore and creative crafts to invent!

FAQs for Coastline's VBS

Why is there no registration fee?
We love our community and we believe that today's children are going to create tomorrow's life. Therefore, it is our gift to you. One huge reason is that awesome people donate their time and resources to make VBS possible. 

How can I donate to Coastline's VBS?
To make a financial donation to Coastline's VBS, simple click on the "give" tap on the top right of our website, then, click on the "One-time Gift". Follow the instructions and then under category select "Vacation Bible School".

How do I know my child will be safe?
Safety is one of our top concerns. Our goal is to worry about it so much that you don't have to. During VBS, our campus is closed. That means unless you are apart of VBS (have a badge) you are not welcome to hang around. We have several security guards that help make sure our campus remains closed. 

Who volunteers at VBS? Can I volunteer?

We have roughly 120 volunteers each year and every year they do a fantastic job! Each volunteer has a background interview performed by one of our staff. We have a great ratio (volunteer to student) to ensure everyone's safety. We ask that every volunteer be an attender of Coastline. If you are curious about volunteering, head over to the student registration and click on the "volunteer" button at the top of the page. 

How do I know my child won't get lost?

Upon check-in, each household is given a unique code for that night. That code is on each of the kids name tags and then the parent/guardian/drop-off-er gets a receipt with that same code. Before the students leave the pickup-er must show that receipt (or prove that he/she should pick them up). Also, we ensure our ratio of volunteer to students is about 1 to 2. 

What week is VBS planned for this year?
This year’s VBS will begin on Sunday, July 15th and run through Wednesday, July 18th. The hours will be from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, with drop-off starting at 5:40 each night.

What are the ages for kids to participate in VBS?
Our VBS program is designed for Elementary age children that have completed Kindergarten through completed 5th grade, ages 4-12 year olds.  Any Preschool children (including completed VPK) of parents that are serving in VBS will also be able to participate in a modified VBS program that week in preschool. 

Will there be a registration cut off?
No, there is no registration deadline. For everyone that is pre-registered there will be a special gift :)

What do the kids do during VBS?
Kids will begin in the Atomic Assembly to get amped up for the day with music, a fun game & video. After that, kids will go to three different rotations (Crafts & Snacks, Quantum Leap Games, Time Lab Lessons). The explorers will end the night where they began in the Atomic Assembly. At this time they will experience an engaging story and fun competition.

Can my child invite a friend at any point of the week? 
Yes, please invite friends!! The primary focus of VBS is to reach beyond our walls into the community and invite kids to attend VBS.  Due to a generous gifts from our members we can make this VBS available to anyone and everyone. 

What if I want to bring a friend to VBS who did not register?
We will make every effort to accommodate late registration. We ask that they fill out the online form before they arrive.

Can my child be put in their friends group?
Due to the size of our VBS program, we will be unable to accept these requests. However, we will make every effort to put them in their friends group if they are the same age, and same gender.

How big is VBS expected to be this year?
Based on previous years’ registration and attendance, we expect over 200 kids this year!