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We have used the last several weeks to prepare our property, purchase cleaning supplies and electrostatic misters, train our guest experience teams, and implement the states recommendations for churches. For each service the auditorium will be sanitized, and great care will be taken to create a clean environment for worship.  

As you’d imagine, things will look a bit different than we’re accustomed to. The seating in our auditorium will be limited to provide for social distance. To accommodate our church family and to allow for more open space we will use our multi-purpose room as a place for families with younger children. Each child will receive a gift bag each week with a craft appropriate for their age. Additionally, our patio will be set up as an outdoor venue. For added safety, we’re making hand sanitizing stations readily available throughout the property. I know that some of these requirements are onerous, but honestly, it’s a small price to pay to ensure the health of others, adhere to our civic leaders’ guidance, and to have the joy of obeying Christ’s direction to gather together as believers for worship. 

The decision to attend church in these strange times is a personal one, and I want you to know that should you choose to continue to watch online due to an underlying condition I totally understand. I’m sure you can appreciate that there is no single plan for a church to reemerge from this quarantine that everyone would celebrate, but hopefully you can appreciate our effort. We are doing our best to follow the suggested guidelines, and for those who are ready to return, I can’t wait to see you!


Pastor Chappell


Coastline has always striven to maintain high quality standards of cleanliness in our facilities, and we have now made enhanced cleaning adjustments to prevent the spread of any illness: 

  • Deep cleaning and sanitization will take place each week prior to services. 

  • Every Saturday our cleaning team will be sanitizing with CDC approved, electrostatic misters. 

  • Door handles, rails, and other touched surfaces will continually be cleaned and sanitized. 

  • Bathrooms will be monitored, cleaned, and sanitized during all services. 

  • The Worship Center will be re-sanitized between Sunday morning services. 

  • Drinking fountains will be turned off and unavailable until further notice. 

  • Much of our property will be closed so that we can focus deep cleaning efforts on higher use areas of the property. 


Will there be nurseries and children’s services?  

There will be no nursery or children’s services.. 

Will we be spaced apart - physical distancing?   
Families and members of the same household may sit together and we encourage all others to follow CDC guidelines.

Will we be allowed to shake hands and greet each other?    
Per the CDC, shaking hands, knuckle bumps, hugs, and all other forms of touching are strongly discouraged.

Will face masks be required?   
Per the California Department of Public Health, face masks are recommended. 

Will there be singing/worship?
We are not encouraging corporate worship at this time. There will be live music which we pray will minister to you. 

Will we have hand sanitizers available to us?    
Yes, available in all rooms.

How early can I arrive—or how late can we stay—to fellowship?    
We encourage you not to linger before or after the service. 

Will there be coffee and treats at the services?    
No. We are taking every precaution to minimize variables that could spread illness. 

Will small groups continue to meet online?

Will my room be sanitized-cleaned before we use it?    
Yes. Between each service time.

Will we be able to use bathrooms on campus?   
Yes; however, please use restrooms sparingly. 

Is this plan subject to change?
You bet.